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Makeblock Music Robot Kit V2.0 with Electronics


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Category: arduino, kit, robot

Music Robot V2.0 Overview

Music Robot Kit V2.0 (With Electronics) is the improvement version of Music Robot Kit V1.0 (With Electronics).

Improvements List:

  • Me BaseBoard instead of previous Meduino and Me BaseShield. Reduce Size and easier to users.
  • Simplify the mechanical structure, reduce some unnecessary components
  • Adding LED RGB strip to bring some shiny effects when playing the music
  • Adding two new control mode:Me Ultrasonic modules allows users to play the music via detecting the position of gestures;a pre-programmed tune can be played

This kit can be used to build a Music Robot. It can play the Xylophone by an application via USB cable installed on computer. By this application you can use your keyboard of computer to play the Xylophone by the Number Key from 1 to 7 directly. And you can also type a music score in the application and then send it to the robot, the robot will play the music you have sent automatically.


Three different ways to play this Music Robot:

  1. Control by the position of gestures(Using an ultrasonic modules detect the position)
  2. A pre-programmed tune can be played (or you can program to play)
  3. Control by PC Software

Description of Music Robot V2.0

High quality stepper motor mates with high performance Me stepper motor driver.
Easy to drive and can play Xylophone very well.
Strong aluminum extrusion parts, anodizing surface.



1. Please download the user guide package from http://learn.makeblock.com/music2/. The package includes documents and software which are required before using your Music Robot V2.0.

2. We have already loaded the firmware on the mainboard, but you can also find it on the link above.

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